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Environmental Compliance

BPA is a Federal agency, and all projects funded by BPA must comply with applicable Federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). This category describes contractors' efforts to obtain permits and provide support for BPA obtaining clearances under ESA, NEPA, NHPA and all other applicable environmental laws.

Most BPA-funded Fish and Wildlife program projects require some level of environmental review and compliance assurance. Environmental analysis work may be performed either by the project sponsor or contractor, or by BPA environmental analysis staff. For the purposes of tracking and reporting environmental compliance activities, if the contractor or project sponsor does any work to review the project, obtain permits, and provide support to obtain compliance with applicable environmental laws, the contract's SOW must contain the "Produce Environmental Compliance Documentation" work element.

A further description of environmental compliance requirements for fish and wildlife projects can be found at Environmental Compliance Overview.

Note Information for work elements is now available at Links below to specific work element background pages will take you directly to the pages.

There is one work element in this category:
165. Produce Environmental Compliance Documentation

See all Fish and Wildlife program work elements (PDF)

Aquatic Invasive Species Guidance

All projects funded by BPA must implement standard protocols or Best Management Practices (BMPs) to meet the intent of federal, state and local aquatic and terrestrial invasive species prevention guidelines. Below is a short summary of websites that have invasive species preventative practices, including Columbia Basin plan and individual state sites:

Uniform Decontamination Procedures:
Recommended Protocols and Standards for Watercraft-in-the-Western-United-States (PDF)

Coordinated Plan of Interior Columbia Basin agencies:
Columbia River Basin Rapid Response Plan October 2008 (PDF)

Aquatic Nuisance Species newsletter

Preventive practices for recreational users

Columbia River Basin Quagga/Zebra Rapid Response Plan (PDF)

State invasive species management practices:

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