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Statements of Work/Work Elements

Statements of Work (SOWs) are required for all BPA contracts. In most cases, the contractor writes the SOW, and the BPA project manager or COTR is responsible for reviewing and accepting the SOW. The SOW defines the scope of the work to be performed and the deliverables the contractor is responsible for producing.

Preparing a Statement of Work with Work Elements

What is a Work Element?
Work elements are contract tasks or activities. In order to enable contractors to generate SOWs online, BPA has compiled a list of work elements to describe all of the work performed in the Fish and Wildlife (F&W) program. When building a SOW in Pisces, contractors may choose from a drop down menu of work elements that describe the work they are to perform under the contract.

Guidance for Developing a SOW Using Work Elements

Frequently asked questions about work elements

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