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Salem-Albany Transmission Line Rebuild (DOE/EA-1946)

Polk, Benton, Marion, and Linn Counties, Oregon


    BPA proposes to rebuild the 24-mile Salem-Albany No. 1 and 28-mile Salem-Albany No. 2 115 kilovolt (kV) wood-pole transmission lines between Salem and Albany, Oregon. The project is necessary due to the overall age, condition, and performance of the two lines. The rebuild would involve replacing the wood poles, conductors, ground wires, and associated structural components of the two lines. The lines would continue to operate at 115 kV, and our intent would be to rebuild both lines using the same wood-pole locations and designs. Associated activities would include establishing temporary access during construction; setting up temporary staging areas; removing some vegetation; and improving, acquiring, or building access roads as needed.

    BPA will prepare an environmental assessment (EA) to understand the potential environmental impacts of the project. Two alternatives will be studied in the EA: to rebuild the line or not to rebuild, continuing with current operation and maintenance practices. The EA will describe anticipated impacts to natural and human resources and include mitigation measures that would enable BPA to avoid or minimize impacts.


    A letter about the project was sent on December 4, 2012 to adjacent landowners, tribes, government agencies, and other potentially affected or concerned interest groups. In addition, two public scoping meetings were held on January 16, 2013 in Monmouth, Oregon, and on January 17, 2013, in Albany, Oregon, to provide information about the project and take questions and comments. Comments on the proposed project were accepted through January 31, 2013, and will be taken under consideration during the development of the EA. All comments are posted in their entirety on the Salem-Albany Transmission Line Rebuild Project comments webpage.

    Project and road designs are currently under development. Environmental and cultural surveys are scheduled to begin this spring and summer, and a draft EA is expected to be completed and made available by the spring of 2014.

    Please note: some routine maintenance activities will continue to occur over the next couple of years to carry out repairs on existing structures in order to ensure continued safety and reliability of the line. Please feel free to contact BPA with any questions or concerns about these activities (contact information is below).


    Scoping comment period:
    Public meeting:
    Draft EA:
    Final EA:
    FONSI/MAP (if warranted)
    12/04/2012 through 01/31/2013
    1/16/2013 in Monmouth, OR and 1/17/2013 in Albany, OR
    Spring 2014
    Fall 2014
    Late Fall/Early Winter 2014


  • For environmental-related information, contact:
    Kara Hempy-Mayer, Environmental Lead
    Bonneville Power Administration - KEC-4
    P.O. Box 3621
    Portland, OR 97208-3621

    Direct line:


    For project information, contact:
    Amanda Williams, Project Manager
    Bonneville Power Administration - TEP-TPP-1
    P.O. Box 61409
    Vancouver, WA 98666-1409

    Direct line:



    (All documents are in pdf format)

    Postcard Notification (113 Kb) (01/02/2013)
    Public Letter (39 Kb) (12/04/2012)
    Project Map (935 Kb) (11/27/2012)
    Comment Form (29 Kb) (12/04/2012)

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