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Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Program (DOE/EIS-0425)
Chelan and Okanogan counties, Washington


    BPA is proposing to fund the Yakama Nation's Mid Columbia-Coho Restoration Program located in Chelan and Okanogan counties, Washington. The program is an effort to re-establish coho salmon in the Methow and Wenatchee basins using information and techniques developed as part of the Yakama Nation's Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Feasibility Project. Over the next 20-25 years, the proposed project would develop a locally adapted, self-sustaining population of coho in the Mid-Columbia basin, capable of supporting harvest. To do this, the program would use a combination of existing and new facilities. Hatcheries and acclimation facilities used in the feasibility studies would continue to be used. In addition, a new small hatchery in the Wenatchee basin is proposed; and a few existing ponds or side channels would be modified and new ones constructed to serve as semi-natural rearing and acclimation areas for juvenile coho salmon. The Yakama Nation has prepared a Master Plan to guide the development of the reintroduction program which is available at:

    BPA prepared an environmental impact statement (EIS) analyzing the proposal. The draft EIS (DEIS) described the proposed fish production program and hatchery facilities, and the environmental effects expected from program operations and facility construction. It was issued in June 2011, and two public meetings were held in July in Leavenworth and Twisp, WA. Public comments were taken on the draft EIS to help project partners refine the environmental analysis and decide whether to implement the program.

    The comment period on the Draft EIS ended August 22, 2011. BPA completed the final EIS (FEIS) in March 2012. The FEIS includes changes to the draft EIS and responses to the comments received.  BPA issued a Record of Decision to implement the proposed action as described in the EIS, and adopted a Mitigation Action Plan, which is attached to the ROD. The links below will take you to electronic copies of the various documents. If you would like to receive hard copies of any of the documents please call BPA's toll-free document request line at 1-800-622-4519.


    BPA has prepared two supplement analyses to address maintenance dredging at two of the Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Project acclimation sites - Butcher in the Wenatchee subbasin, and Blue Buck (called Parmley in the EIS) in the Methow subbasin. Excess sediment would be removed from both of these ponds to increase the available habitat for coho and other fish. Based on the supplement analyses, BPA has determined that supplemental EIS is not required. This work is scheduled to begin in fall of 2013.


    For environmental-related information, contact:
    Michelle Guay, Environmental Lead
    Bonneville Power Administration - KEC-4
    P.O. Box 3621
    Portland, OR 97208-3621

    Direct line:



    Public Letter (28 Kb) (10/09/2013)
    SA-02 - Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Program Acclimation Pond Modification - Blue Buck Pond (55 Kb) (10/07/2013)
    Location Map (753 Kb) (10/04/2013)
    Public Letter (28 Kb) (07/22/2013)
    SA-01 - Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Program Acclimation Pond Modification - Butcher Pond (55 Kb) (07/19/2013)
    Public Letter Announcing ROD (32Kb pdf) (07/23/2012)
    ROD with Mitigation Action Plan (65Kb pdf) (07/19/2012)
    FEIS Public Letter (27Kb pdf) (03/02/2012)
    FEIS (17MB pdf) (March 2012)
    DEIS Public Letter (33Kb pdf) (06/21/2011)
    DEIS (12.5MB pdf) (06/12/2011)
    DEIS Appendices

    Appendices 1-5 (12.3MB pdf) (06/6/2011)
    Appendices 6-10 (14.5MB pdf) (06/06/2011)
    Appendix 11 (2.2MB pdf) (06/06/2011)
    Project Location Maps (2.5MB pdf) (11/01/2010)
    Public Scoping Letter (31Kb pdf) (07/23/2009)
    Comment Form (10Kb pdf) (07/23/2009)
    Notice of Intent (25Kb pdf) (07/22/2009)


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