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Lund Hill Wind Project Interconnection
Klickitat County, Washington


    BPA received a request from Iberdrola Renewables, Inc. (Iberdrola) to interconnect the proposed 60 MW Lund Hill Wind Project to the Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS), which is owned and operated by BPA. To interconnect the Lund Hill Wind Project, BPA would build a new 230-kV substation, the Wood Creek Substation, at the proposed point of interconnection. Lund Hill Wind Project is located in Klickitat County, Washington.

    Iberdrola would build, own, and operate the Lund Hill Wind Project and its associated facilities, including a transmission line to the proposed BPA interconnection point. The Klickitat County environmental review of Lund Hill Wind Project is ongoing and expected to be completed in 2011.

    The proposed interconnection point to the FCRTS (the Wood Creek Substation) is immediately adjacent to an existing BPA transmission line corridor in Klickitat County, near the town of Roosevelt. This is also the interconnection point of the 101MW Juniper Canyon II Wind Project Interconnection, also currently proposed by Iberdrola. The Wood Creek Substation would occupy three to four acres. BPA would purchase a parcel approximately 32 acres in size that would remain mostly undeveloped. BPA does not plan to purchase any power from the Lund Hill Wind Project.


    Environmental review of the Wood Creek Substation site began in 2010 as part of the review of the interconnection of the Juniper Canyon II Wind Project. The BPA environmental review of the interconnection of the Lund Hill Wind Project is ongoing. BPA will use comments to determine the scope of the environmental review. If BPA determines that the decision to interconnect the Lund Hill Wind Project is consistent with BPA's Business Plan Environmental Impact Statement (BP EIS), BPA will prepare a record of decision (ROD) tiered to the BP EIS and its associated ROD. The ROD will explain the decision on the interconnection and summarize the anticipated environmental impacts to natural and human resources. It is expected to be available in fall or winter 2011.


    BPA held public meetings seeking public input. All comments received are posted in their entirety on the Lund Hill Wind Project Interconnection comments page.


    For further information on this project, please contact:

    Kimberly St.Hilaire, Environmental Specialist, Bonneville Power Administration - KEC-4, P.O. Box 3621, Portland, OR 97208-3621; toll-free telephone 1-800-282-3713; direct telephone 503-230-5361; fax 503-230-5699; or e-mail

    Amy Freel, Project Manager, Bonneville Power Administration - TEP-TPP-1, P.O. Box 3621, Portland, OR 97208-3621, toll-free telephone 1-800-282-3713; direct telephone 360-619-6154; fax 360-619-6934; or e-mail


    Public Letter (34Kb pdf) (08/03/11)
    Comment Form (22Kb pdf) (08/03/11)
    Project Vicinity Map (1.1MB pdf) (07/15/11)

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