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Rebuild of the Libby (FEC) to Troy Section of the Libby-Bonners Ferry 115-kilovolt Transmission Line

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Related Documents

Project Update (45Kb pdf) (10/31/07)

Public Comments

Public Meeting Materials for DEIS (83Kb pdf) (08/15/07)

Draft EIS Public Letter (38Kb pdf) (07/17/07)

Draft EIS (2MB pdf) (July 2007)

Figures & Appendices not embedded in the Draft EIS:
Figure S-1 Project Location Map (1.5MB pdf)
Figure S-2 Typical Suspension Structure Types (108Kb pdf)
Figure 1-1 Project Vicinity Map (1.4MB pdf)
Figure 2-1 Project Location Map (1.3MB pdf)
Figure 2-5 Pipe Creek Realignment (1.5MB pdf)
Figure 2-6 Quartz Creek Realignment (1.5MB pdf)
Figure 2-7 Kootenai River Crossing Realignment (1.5MB pdf)
Figure 3-1 Land Types (1.4MB pdf)
Figure 3-2 Water Resources (1.5MB pdf)
Figure 3-3 Land Ownership (1MB pdf)
Figure 3-4 Old Growth (1.5MB pdf)
Figure 3-5 Wetlands (1.6MB pdf)
Figure 3-6 Forest Plan Management Areas and Planning Subunits (1.8MB pdf)
Figure 3-7 Grizzly Bear (1.3MB pdf)
Figure 3-8 Bald Eagle (1.3MB pdf)
Figure 3-9 Proposed Road Closures in Grizzly Bear Habitat (547Kb pdf)
Figure 3-10 Threatened and Endangered Fish (1.5MB pdf)
Figure 3-11 Visual Quality Objectives, Viewpoints and Forest Management Areas (1.5MB pdf)
Figure 3-12 Viewpoint 1 (331Kb pdf)
Figure 3-13 Viewpoint 2 (1.4MB pdf)
Figure 3-14 Viewpoint 3 (482Kb pdf)
Figure 3-15 Viewpoint 4 (1MB pdf)
Figure 3-16 Viewpoint 5 (1.6MB pdf)
Figure 3-17 Viewpoint 6 (628Kb pdf)
Figure 3-18 Viewpoint 7 (792Kb pdf)
Figure 3-19 Recreation (1.8MB pdf)
Figure 3-25 Transportation (1.8MB pdf)
Figure 3-26 PM-10 and PM-2.5 Non-Attainment Area (1.1MB pdf)
Appendix A Tribal Involvement (36Kb pdf)
Appendix B Water Yield Modeling (64Kb pdf)
Appendix C Sensitive Plant Species Found on the Kootenai National Forest (22Kb pdf)
Appendix D Noxious Weed Species of Concern on the Kootenai National Forest (16Kb pdf)
Appendix E Forest Service Manual 2080 Noxious Weed Management (60Kb pdf)
Appendix F ESA and Kootenai National Forest Plan Determinations for the Proposed Libby to Troy Rebuild Project (41Kb pdf)
Appendix G Cultural Sites (20Kb pdf)
Appendix H Electrical Effects (405Kb pdf)
Appendix I Living and Working Around High-Voltage Power Lines (271Kb pdf)
Appendix J Assessment of Research Regarding EMF and Health and Environmental Effects (130Kb pdf)
Appendix K Contractor Disclosure Forms (814Kb pdf)

Public Letter (30Kb pdf) (10/11/06)

Updated Project Map (04/04/06)

Public Letter (37.7Kb pdf) (04/04/06)

Public Letter (141Kb pdf) (01/09/06)

EMF Public Meeting Invitation Letter (32Kb pdf) (10/21/05)

Public Meeting Materials (1.6MB pdf) (09/12/05)

Public Scoping Letter (42Kb pdf) (09/06/05)

Public Meeting Materials (132Kb pdf) (05/19/05)

Public Scoping Letter (46Kb pdf) (05/02/05)

Notice of Intent (51Kb pdf) (05/05/05)

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