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Golden Hills Wind Project
Sherman County, Oregon


    Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has decided to offer contract terms for interconnection of up to 200 megawatts (MW) of power to be generated by the proposed Golden Hills Wind Project (Wind Project) into the Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS). BP Alternative Energy North America, Inc. (a subsidiary of BP America Production Company) proposes to construct and operate the proposed Wind Project in Sherman County, Oregon, and has requested interconnection to the FCRTS. Interconnection will be at the existing Biglow Canyon Substation in Sherman County, Oregon.

    The Wind Project will be interconnected to the FCRTS at the existing Portland General Electric (PGE) Biglow Canyon Substation in Sherman County, Oregon. BPA will purchase part of the Biglow Canyon Substation, as well as about 1 acre of land next to Biglow Canyon Substation for expansion of the substation to accommodate new equipment required for the interconnection. BPA will string a jumper at Tower 1/1 outside Klondike Schoolhouse Substation and connect to BPA's Biglow Canyon - Klondike Schoolhouse No. 2 230-kilovolt (kV) line.

    Inside the expanded Biglow Canyon Substation yard, BPA will install two breakers and associated disconnect switches and a substation dead end tower. The existing substation fence will be extended to include the expanded substation yard area. A transmission line will be connected from the substation dead end tower to an existing transmission tower outside the substation fence. All new indoor equipment will be installed inside the existing substation control house. PGE will retain ownership of the control house.


    BPA has prepared a tiered Record of Decision (ROD) under the BPA Business Plan Environmental Impact Statement.


    The project was reviewed by Oregon's Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC) and received a site certificate from EFSC in May 2009. EFSC, as part of their review process, has held public hearings on the proposal. Comments made to EFSC about the project were considered by BPA in its decision making. More information on EFSC's process is available at Oregon EFSC Golden Hills Wind Farm Project.


    BPA accepted comments on this project through June 30, 2008. Comments submitted to BPA about this project can be viewed by clicking here.


    Gene Lynard, Environmental Project Lead, Bonneville Power Administration - KEC-4, direct telephone number 503-230-3790; toll-free telephone number 1-800-282-3713; fax number 503-230-5699; or e-mail address:


    Record of Decision (128 Kb pdf) (08/13/09)
    ROD Public Letter (33 Kb pdf) (08/17/09)
    Public Scoping Letter (57Kb pdf) (05/30/08)
    Comment Form (33Kb pdf) (05/30/08)
    Project Map (583Kb pdf) (05/29/08)

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