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Kootenai River Habitat Restoration at Bonners Ferry (DOE/EA-1973)

Boundary County, Idaho
(previously known as Kootenai River Restoration at Bonners Ferry)


    Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is proposing to fund the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho to restore portions of the Kootenai River in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The Kootenai River Restoration at Bonners Ferry project would involve installing structures on the river banks and excavating areas in the river to create deeper pools of water, as well as developing and enhancing islands to be planted with native riparian vegetation. The project would improve Kootenai River habitat to benefit listed Kootenai White Sturgeon and other native fish, would complement other restoration on the Kootenai River, and would help mitigate for effects caused by Libby Dam located upstream in Montana.


    To understand the potential environmental impacts of this proposal, BPA will prepare an environmental assessment (EA). The EA is being prepared to fulfill BPA's responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act and its implementing regulations. The EA will describe anticipated impacts to natural and human resources and include mitigation measures that would help avoid or minimize impacts. During this process, BPA will work with landowners, tribes, federal, state and local agencies, and interest groups.

    BPA will address comments in the final EA, which will be available to the public in April 2015. Based on the analysis in the final EA and comments received, BPA will prepare either a finding of no significant impact and decide whether to proceed with the project, or an environmental impact statement if there is the potential for significant environmental impacts.


    Scoping comment period:
    Public meeting:
    Draft EA:
    Public meeting:
    Final EA:
    Finding of No Significant Impact (if warranted)  
    If decision to build, construction start
    February 07, 2014 through March 10, 2014
    February 26, 2014 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho
    February 05, 2015
    February 18, 2015 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho
    April 2015
    May 2015
    Summer 2015


  • For environmental information, contact:
    Ted Gresh
    Contract Environmental Protection Specialist

    CRGT, Inc
    Bonneville Power Administration - KEC-4
    P.O. Box 3621
    Portland, OR 97208-3621
    Direct line:


    Don Rose
    Supervisory Environmental Protection Specialist

    Bonneville Power Administration - KEC-4
    P.O. Box 3621
    Portland, OR 97208-3621

    Direct line:


    For project information, contact:
    Lee Watts
    Project Manager

    Bonneville Power Administration - KEWM-4
    P.O. Box 3621
    Portland, OR 97208-3621

    Direct line:



    (All documents are in pdf format)

    Comments received on Draft EA
    Public Letter (187 Kb) (02/03/2015)
    Draft EA (13.7 Mb) (February 2015)
    Comment Form (127 Kb) (02/03/2015)

    Scoping comments received
    Public Letter (35 Kb) (02/07/2014)
    Project Map (696 Kb) (01/08/2014)
    Comment Form (21 Kb) (02/07/2014)

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