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"No rule is so general, which admits not some exception."
- Robert Burton

BPA has endeavored to create work elements general enough to include every kind of activity it funds through the Fish and Wildlife program, yet specific enough to allow for meaningful tracking and reporting. If an exact match cannot be found, contractors and their BPA project managers should chose the work element(s) that most closely correspond with the type of activity being performed, rather then using the "Other" category. More detailed, specific information may be entered in the "Work Element Description", "Title", and "Specifications" fields of Pisces.

In rare instances, a contractor may be performing a type of work that is fundamentally different than anything described by existing work elements. In such a case, the contractor should consult with his or her BPA project manager to determine if using the "Other" work element is appropriate.

BPA will modify, delete, or add work elements over time, as program needs change. Contractor input is critical in shaping this list, so please notify us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Note Information for work elements is now available at Links below to specific work element background pages will take you directly to the pages.

There is one work element in this category:
98. Other

See all Fish and Wildlife program work elements (PDF)

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