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Information for Fish and Wildlife Contractors


  • We have just completed our annual review of the work elements and metrics used in the Fish and Wildlife Program. All updates to work elements and metrics are now available in Pisces for contractors to use when preparing their FY10 Statements of Work. (An FY10 Statement of Work is one that begins October 1, 2009 or later.) This year, we took some additional steps to make sure that our FY10 metrics align with those required by NOAA Fisheries under the FCRPS Biological Opinion. Specifically, we have created and updated several metrics, as well as added more work element-metric associations. For a complete list of FY10 changes, please see "FY10 Changes to Work Elements and Metrics". To see which metrics are associated with which work elements, please click here. New metrics for FY10 start on page 17 of the report. You can also run this report from Pisces by going to the Reports menu, choosing "Work Elements (WE)" --> "Metric-Work Element Association".

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